Hydrology is the study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water.

A few examples of forensic hydrology:

  • Coastal erosion and subsidence
  • State, county, and municipal boundaries as related to watercourses
  • Flooding
  • Mineral disputes related to hydrology
  • Determination of the legal boundaries of lakes, usually at the ordinary high water mark
  • Contamination
  • Storm water pump station failures
  • Earth dam failures
  • Long-term changes in lake and stream levels
  • Navigability determination
  • HEC-RAS computer analyses of streams
  • Drainage failures and inadequacies
  • Environmental zones surrounding lakes
  • Re-establishment of old lake or stream stages
Lidar for digital terrain modeling
Forensic hydrology in a court battle
Digital lidar lattice to recover old stream geomorphology
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